MA Excellence Awards

The FIDIC MA Excellence Awards recognise, reward and highlight the achievements and successes of our international Member Associations. We want to recognise the work they do representing the global consulting industry. The FIDIC Member Association Excellence Awards have different categories and will be awarded to celebrate the excellence of FIDIC members and how they operate in this ever-dynamic industry.


Project Awards

The FIDIC Project Awards will 
  • promote the FIDIC principles: Quality, Integrity and Sustainability
  • celebrate outstanding projects where FIDIC member firms have had a major involvement
  • help publicise the work of consulting engineering firms and the contribution they make to the quality of life
  • encourage others to understand and support FIDIC principles
  • encourage the use of FIDIC contracts and guidelines 
The Awards will support the aims of the Federation which are to promote the use of international FIDIC best practices and resources.

Contract Users' Awards
The FIDIC Contract Users’ Awards aim to recognise excellence in the use of FIDIC contract forms for project delivery and to showcase examples of good practice through collaboration from across the world. The purpose of the awards is to bring the community of FIDIC contract users together, to celebrate and highlight excellence and best practice and raise the profile of FIDIC contracts on a global scale.

FL Awards
The purpose of the FL Awards is to recognise, reward and promote the remarkable achievements of FLs to the consultancy engineering industry worldwide and encourage further participation of FLs in FIDIC.
Louis Prangey Award

The Louis Prangey Award, the highest recognition for dedicated service to FIDIC, was named after the founding FIDIC President, Louis Prangey. The Louis Prangey Award was established to be presented to a person who has rendered significant service to the Federation and/or to the profession of independent consulting engineering, and who exemplifies the objectives of the Federation. The recipient is considered to be a role model for the consulting engineering industry.