Request an Appointment

A request for FIDIC to "appoint" a member of a Dispute Adjudication Boards (DAB) must be submitted by a Party to the FIDIC Secretariat, in the English language.

What do I need to submit

FIDIC does not require full contracts or documentation related to the project at the application stage. If further information is required FIDIC will contact you as part of the process.

The application should include the following:

·       Evidence that there is a (FIDIC) contract between the parties.  A signed copy of the signatory sheet of the Contract Agreement is required 

·       Full evidence of any Special Conditions that may apply to the appointment of a Dispute Board (especially clause 20) 

·       Evidence that a party has failed to appoint a DAB in terms of sub-clause 20.2 of the contract, or a party has failed to agree on an appointment in terms of sub-clause 20.3 of the contract.  It should be noted that a FIDIC appointment should only be viewed as a last resort, after other provisions in the contract have been exhausted. 

·       Brief details of the issues under dispute 

·       Evidence that the fee for an adjudicator assessment has been submitted

·       Language of the contract – please confirm which governing law will apply, and also the language of the contract; 

·       Full contact details of the parties is required including email, and telephone. 

Application FEE

Below we outline the fee that is required as part of applying for the adjudicator process via FIDIC

·     There is a fee of Swiss francs 2000 (or equivalent amount in EUR or US$) either by bank transfer or credit card authorisation per party involved in the dispute so for example for a three member DAB, the fee would increase to CHF 6,000

·       This fee is for the application and is non refundable even if an appointment is not made 

  •   To pay the adjudicator fee online please click here



FIDIC does not recommend fees scales for either adjudicators or for the administration for adjudicators.

An indication of acceptable terms and conditions is provided by the World Bank's International Center for Settlement of Disputes (ICSID)

·       Memorandum on the Fees and Expenses for ICSID Arbitrators, that applies for members of Arbitral Tribunals constituted under the ICSID Convention.


Please contact the FIDIC Secretariat for further information about the appointment of members to a DAB.