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  • “The New FIDIC Suite 2017: significant developments and key changes” by Frederic Gillion (Partner, Paris), Rob Morson (Partner,Johannesburg) Sarah Jackson (Senior Associate,London) and Chloe De Jager (Associate,Johannesburg) of Pinsent Masons LLP 

    This article was originally published in the International Construction Law Review Part 4 October 2018 [2018] ICLR 384 © Informa UK Ltd 2018. It is reproduced on FIDIC’s website, so as to be accessible by all FIDIC contract users, with the kind permission of the authors and of Informa UK Limited for which permission FIDIC is very grateful.

  • International Construction Contract Law, 2nd Edition Lukas Klee (August 2018) Description

  • International Construction Contract Law, Lukas Klee (January 2015) Description
  • Understanding the FIDIC Red Book-2nd edition (Sweet & Maxwell, October 2011), Jeremy Glover, Simon Hughes Description
  • FIDIC - A Guide for Practitioners (Springer, 2010), Dr. Götz-Sebastian Hök and Axel-Volkmar Jaeger Description
  • The FIDIC Contracts - Law and Practice (Informa Law, 2010), Ben Mellors, Ellis Baker, Anthony Lavers, and Scott Chalmers Description
  • Construction Contracts - A Handbook for Chinese Parties (China Architecture and Building Press, Beijing 2008), William Godwin
  • Practical Guide to Engineering and Construction Contracts (CCH Australia, 2009), Philip Loots and Donald Charrett  Description
  • Dispute Boards - Procedures and Practice (Thomas Telford (2007), Gwyn Owen and Brian Totterdill Description
  • Chern on Dispute Boards (Wiley, 2007), Cyril Chern Description
  • FIDIC: An Analysis of International Construction Contracts, Robert Knutson Description
  • FIDIC Users Guide: A Practical Guide to the 1999 Red Book, Brian Totterdill Purchase
  • Understanding and Negotiating Turnkey and EPC Contracts,  2nd Edition (2002) Thomson, J.A. Huse Purchase
  • FIDIC Contracts Guide to the 1999 Editions (Construction; Plant and Design-Build; EPC/Turnkey), FIDIC Purchase
  • FIDIC Contracts Guide Supplement to the MDB Harmonised Edition of the Construction Contract, FIDIC (2005, electronic edition only) Purchase
  • FIDIC Red Book Guide to the 1987 Red Book Purchase; FIDIC Orange Book Guide to the 1995 Orange Book Purchase; FIDIC Yellow Book Guide to the 1987 Yellow Book Purchase
  • FIDIC 4th - A practical legal guide (1991) and Supplement addressing the 1992 Reprint (1993), Sweet and Maxwell, E.C. Corbett Purchase
  • “FIDIC MDB HARMONISED CONSTRUCTION CONTRACT March 2006 version - changes to the FIDIC Construction Contract General Conditions, 1st Edition, 1999” By Peter Boswell, published in 2008. Description

  • FIDIC: An Analysis of International Construction Contracts, IBA (2005) Robert Knutson Purchase

  • Engineering Law and the FIDIC Contracts, 2nd Edition (1965), 4th Edition (1979), Applied Science Publishers, Max. W. Abrahamson (available in the FIDIC Library)
  • Civil Engineering Contracts, Practice and Procedure, Butterworths, 1982, C.K. Haswell and D.S. de Silva (available in the FIDIC Library)
  • FIDIC Conditions of Contract - a commercial manual, Waterloo practitioner's Library (1986) Bran Meopham (available in the FIDIC Library)
  • A new approach to the International Civil Engineering Contract, The Construction Press (1979) Glyn P. Jones (available in the FIDIC Library)
  • Design and Build: Uses and abuses, Practical Construction Guides, LLP (1998) Jeremy Hackett (available in the FIDIC Library)
  • Engineering and Construction Law, Juta (1985) Philip Loots (available in the FIDIC Library)
  • The FIDIC Digest, Thomas Telford (1990) John G. Sawyer and C. Arthur Gillot (available in the FIDIC Library)
  • The FIDIC Conditions Thomas Telford (1981), 2nd Edition (1985) John G. Sawyer and C. Arthur Gillot (available in the FIDIC Library)
  • Commentary on FIDIC IV Clauses Website
  • Multi-Party and Multi-Contract Arbitration in the Construction Industry : D. Kondev, March 2017, Wiley-Blackwell. Purchase
  • Los contratosinternacionalesde construccion. FIDIC : Ignacio Almagro, Lukas Klee, Octubre 2017, Tienda Wolters Kluwers. Purchase

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Arbitral Awards relating to FIDIC contracts

  • International Construction Contract Disputes: Fourth Commentary on ICC Awards Dealing Primarily with FIDIC Contracts By Christopher R. Seppälä ICC International Court of Arbitration Bulletin Vol. 24  No. 2 2013 PDF
  • International Construction Contract Disputes: Third Commentary on ICC Awards Dealing Primarily with FIDIC Contracts By Christopher R. Seppälä ICC International Court of Arbitration Bulletin Vol. 23  No. 2 2012 PDF
  • International Construction Contract Disputes: Second Commentary on ICC Awards Dealing Primarily with FIDIC Contracts By Christopher R. Seppälä ICC International Court of Arbitration Bulletin Vol. 19  No. 2 2008 PDF
  • International Construction Contract Disputes: Commentary on ICC Awards Dealing with the FIDIC International Conditions of Contracts By Christopher R. Seppälä ICC International Court of Arbitration Bulletin Vol. 9  No. 2 november 1998 PDF
  • Full content available at

Claims, Dispute resolution, Arbitration, Risk

  • "An Excellent Decision From Singapore Which Should Enhancethe Enforceability of Decisions of Dispute Adjudication Boards—the Second Persero Case before the Court of Appeal", CR Seppälä, Reproduced with permission (2015) 31, 367–74. Const. L.J., Issue 7 © 2015 Thomson Reuters (Professional) UK Limited and Contributors PDF
  • 'A welcome decision from Singapore - the second Persero case' by CR Seppälä (CLI, Vol 10.1, March 2015) PDF
  • FIDIC/MDB Approach in respect of Dispute Adjudication Boards Dr. Götz‐Sebastian Hök, Berlin 2012 FIDIC MDB Approach in respect of Dispute Adjudication Boards.pdf
  • Force Majeure clauses: FIDIC, ENAA and drafting bespoke clauses, Herbert Smith, number 37, March 2012 force_majeure_hs_2012.pdf
  • “How Not To Interpret The FIDIC Disputes Clause: The Singapore Court Of Appeal Judgment In Persero Case” By Christopher R. Seppälä, The International Construction Law Review, Volume 29, Part I, January 2012 PDF
  • Making Claims for Time and Money, N. Gould, 2008 PDF
  • International Construction Disputes in today's economy: M.E. Jaffe and R.J. McHugh 2009 PDF
  • Dispute Boards and Construction Contracts: D. Charrett 2009 PDF
  • Adjudication and Dispute Boards: The next wave in ADR?: D. Charrett 2009 PDF
  • An Engineer’s / Dispute Adjudication Board’s Decision Is Enforceable by an Arbitral Award: C.R. Seppala, 2009 PDF; final version PDF
  • Managing disputes: adjudication - the only way forward? J. Glover 2007 PDF
  • Avoiding disputes: D. Atkinson (2007)
  • FIDIC construction contracts - force majeure: Fenwick Elliot 2007 PDF
  • SCL - View from across the pond PDF: Howe et al., 2007
  • Dispute Review Boards: Freshfields, 2006 PDF
  • Dispute Boards presentation: G. Owen, 2002 PDF
  • New Edition of the Red Book: Impartiality of the Engineer: D. Bateson, 2000
  • Introduction to the FIDIC DAB Provisions : G. Owen, 2004 WORD; PPT
  • The working of the DAB : G. Owen, 2003 PDF
  • The Gap in Clause 20.7: N. Bunnie, 2005 WORD
  • Contractor's Claims under the FIDIC contract for major works: C. Seppala, 2005 PDF
  • Claims of the Employer: C. Wade, 2005 PDF
  • Termination, Risk and Force Majeure: G.L. Jaynes, 2001
  • Claims, Disputes and Arbitration: G.L. Jaynes, 2001
  • Role of the DAB: G.L. Jaynes, 2004 RTF
  • Claims, Force Majeure: C.R. Seppala RTF 3.45 MB!!
  • Claims and Adjustments: P.L. Booen, 2001
  • Clauses 17 - 19 (Risk, Force Majeure) of the new contracts: N. Bunni, 2001
  • The DRB/DAB: An attractive procedure: P.M. Genton, 1999; The DRB/DAB: An attractive procedure: P.M. Genton, April 1999
  • Dispute Boards with the particular emphasis on the FIDIC procedure (PDF): N. Bunni, 2005
  • FIDIC Conditions & DAB  (RTF 51 Kb): S. Wade, 2003
  • Clause 20, Dispute Resolution (RTF 171 Kb): M. Mortimer-Hawkins, 2004
  • Dispute Boards & DAB (RTF 63 Kb): H.J. Chapman, 2004
  • Writing the Decision: ICE Conciliation and Adjudication Advisory Panel (RTF 21 Kb)
  • Writing the Decision (RTF 16 Kb): I. Leto & G. Jaynes, 2004
  • FIDIC Conditions of Contract and Dispute Adjudication Procedure (RTF 93 Kb): C.R. Seppala (2003)
  • ICA Report on Construction Industry Arbitrations: Judge Humphrey Lloyd 2002 PDF
  • A Dispatch from the Front: Dispute Boards at 2002 (RTF 75 Kb): G. Jaynes, 2002
  • Periodical Meeting of the DAB (RTF 67 Kb): M. Mortimer-Hawkins, 2004
  • Formal Adjudication (RTF 37 Kb): G. Hawker, 2002
  • Hearings (RTF 19 Kb): G. Jaynes, 2004
  • The new FIDIC Provision for a Dispute Adjudication Board (Web, PDF): C. Seppala, 1997
  • The Gap in Clause 20, N. Bunni (RTF 40 kB)
  • Multitiered dispute resolution clauses (PDF), B.M. Cremades, 2004
  • Restraints on the execution of Work: N. Bunni, IBC, London, Oct. 2005 WORD
  • ICC Rules:
  • Do we have a dispute: K. Elliot, 2006
  • Multitiered cases: ICC ADR (PDF): P.W. Wolrich, 2002
  • Enforcing construction claims (PDF): 2003
  • International dispute resolution: contractor's experience: H. Kontges (PDF) ICLR, Oct. 2006
  • Role and duties of an expert witness in adjudication, A. Farr, 2006
  • Delay Claims Management (PDF): Anwar Omar, 2008
  • Practical thoughts regarding international arbitrations: K.R. Nielsen (2007)
  • Scedule related disputes in construction contracts (PDF): I. Ndekugri, 2007
  • Process Model for Administering Claims: N. Asem et al, 2002 PDF
  • Comparison between ICC and UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules - Part 1Part 2; E. Lenehan: Aug. 2008
  • The roles and duties of an expert witness in adjudication: A. Farr, Aug. 2008
  • Dispute Boards for Infrastructure Projects in Latin America : A New Kid on the Block, Dante Figueroa, Dispute Resolution International Vol 11 No2, Oct. 2017 PDF

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