FIDIC launches new Global Leadership Forum grouping

15 Sep 2021

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A new forum bringing together industry leaders from across the globe to discuss the key issues facing society and the wider infrastructure sector was launched today by FIDIC.

Members of the new Global Leadership Forum (GLF) have been selected based on their key position, knowledge and expertise of the construction, infrastructure and related sectors. Commenting on the launch of the forum, FIDIC CEO Dr Nelson Ogunshakin said: “As the world begins to face up to the realities of dealing with various challenges and also the consequences of climate change, at FIDIC we recognise that these challenges are no longer the problem of generations to come, but current generations, and that’s why we need to bring key influencers together to help address them.

“I am particularly pleased that Baroness Brown of Cambridge delivered the keynote speech on climate change at the inaugural meeting of the GLF attended by global leaders from Africa, North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australasia and China. Going forward, this forum will play a key role in helping FIDIC towards addressing key global challenges and I am delighted to see it launched today with the support of over 50 CEOs from around the world.”

Speaking at the launch of the forum, Baroness Brown of Cambridge told global infrastructure leaders: “There is going to be growth in infrastructure projects but the design, build and operation will need to be zero-carbon. There will be a really strong focus on how we decarbonise or replace concrete and steel and we need to plan for how we design infrastructure for far greater levels of resilience.”

FIDIC’s new president Tony Barry commented: “Global problems need global solutions and expertise and FIDIC has launched the Global Leadership Forum so that forum members can become part of the solution. The forum will provide a powerful global network for leaders to discuss the key issues we face as a society and an industry and to develop workable solutions to address important challenges. It is great to see FIDIC taking a lead in this area and most importantly, we hope that by bringing together international experts and leaders in their field, we will be able to build support and buy-in for what needs to be done to address the challenges we face.”

As part of its aim, the Global Leadership Forum will hold webinars and roundtables, industry and sector surveys, networking events, including face-to-face discussions with politicians and other opinion formers and organise a range of regular events and market surveys to promote its work. FIDIC’s recently launched Infrastructure Global online platform will play a key role in communicating the forum’s work and profiling its members.

“I am delighted to see the formation of this new Global Leadership Forum,” said FIDIC immediate past president Bill Howard. “It will provide a valuable platform for industry leaders in the construction and infrastructure sector to network with each other and with wider global business, NGO and political stakeholders, to develop solutions for the common good. I hope that the forum will attract wide support and make a real difference on how we address some of the key issues the world faces – and more importantly, how we all solve them by working together.”

Global Leadership Forum - inaugural attendee list

Bayo Adeola, Chairman, CPMS.
Charles Akindayomi, CEO, CA Consultants.
Sir Edet Amana, Chairman, Amana Consortium.
Jose Aparicio, Managing Director for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, Siemens Energy.
Tony Barry, President, FIDIC
Grace Bema, Director, Bchod Consulting Engineers.
Alain Bentejac, President, ALBEN Invest.
Adam Bialachowski, CEO, B-Act/Vintage Consulting.
Tony Bouchard, President and Chief Operating Officer, CDM Smith.
John Boyd, Past President, FIDIC.
Baroness Julia Brown of Cambridge, UK House of Lords.
Pablo Bueno, President and CEO, TYPSA.
Benoit Clocheret, Chief Executive Officer, Artelia.
William Cox, CEO, Aurecon.
Chantal Dagnaud, Board Member, FIDIC
Linda Darr, President and CEO, American Council of Engineering Companies.
Helen Davidson, Chief Executive, Association of Consulting and Engineering New Zealand.
Henrique de Aragão, President, FEPAC (Panamerican Consulting Federation).
Jorge Díaz Padilla, CEO, Systec.
Jacolien    Eijer, Managing Director/CEO, Koninklijke NLingenieurs.
Gavin English, Managing Director, IMC Worldwide.
Fernando Favela, Director of Operations, FOA Consultores.
Henrik Garver, CEO, Danish Association of Consulting Engineers.
Robin Greenleaf, Chair, American Council of Engineering Companies.
Martin Gueldner, CEO, GOPA Consulting Group.
Mike Haigh, Executive Chair, Mott MacDonald.
Sarwono Hardjomuljadi, Board Member, FIDIC.
Martina Hess, Board Member, FIDIC.
William Howard, Immediate Past President, FIDIC.
Mohamed Ali Janah, President, International Federation of Asian and Western Pacific Contractors’ Associations.
Catherine Karakatsanis, Chief Operating Officer, Morrison Hershfield Group.
Atwoki Katahoire, Member of the Board and Advisor, Multi-Konsults Limited, Consulting Engineers and Technical Planners.
Dick Kell, Consultant, Cardno.
Manish Kothari, President and CEO, Sheladia Associates.
Jaewan Lee, Past President, FIDIC.
Sara Lipscombe, Founder, SEA Lipscombe Communications.
Luobing Liu, Chairman, SISECC.
Lihua Liu, Professorate Senior Engineer, CCCC Second Harbour Consultants Co.
Christophe Longepierre, General Manager, Syntec-Ingénierie.
Rod Macdonald, Visiting Professor, Heriot Watt University.
Jean-Patrick Marquet, Member, Global Future Council on Infrastructure at the World Economic Forum.
Mario Marti, Director, USIC.
Carla Moonen, President, Koninklijke NLingenieurs.
Kabelo Motswagole, Managing Director, Herbco Technical Services.
Nelson Ogunshakin, Chief Executive Officer, FIDIC.
George Chukwulewa Okoroma, President, Association for Consulting Engineering in Nigeria.
Mark Pehlig, Board Member, FIDIC.
Ajay Pradhan, Persident, C2S2 Pvt Ltd.
Andrew Read, Managing Director, Pedersen Read.
Eva Rindom, Managing Director, Atkins.
Tahseen Saleh, CEO, Ola Management Consultant.
David Symons, Director - Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change, WSP.
Hisashi Takanashi, Former Managing Director, Engineering and Consulting Firms Association, Japan.
Gregs Thomopulos, Chairman Emeritus, Stanley Consultants.
Luis Villarroya, Board Member, FIDIC.
Lei Wu, China National Association of Engineering Consultants.
Sonya (Chengdong) Zhang, Managing Director, Shenzhen Hualun Consultant.
Lizheng    Zhu, Vice President, China Railway First Survey and Design Institute Group Co.
Moncef Ziani, Consultant, International Consultant.
Han Zhonghui, Director, Beijing Glory Engineering Consultant Co.

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