Guidance Memorandums


FIDIC Guidance Memorandum - FIDIC Contracts guidance on the effects of inflation and the unavailability of goods and labour following the global COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine

This Guidance Memorandum contains an outline of the provisions in FIDIC’s various general conditions of contract which can be relevant to help users deal with numerous scenarios which may arise in the above context.


FIDIC Guidance Memorandum - COVID-19 Impact to the Consultant's services under the FIDIC Suite of Contracts & Agreement

FIDIC’s core purpose of drafting this Guidance Memorandum is to help Clients and Consultants understand how the General Conditions of the Client/Consultant Model Services Agreement (“FIDIC White Book” or “WB”, 2017 Edition) and the Model Joint Venture (Consortium) Agreement (“FIDIC JV Agreement” or “JVA”, 2017 Edition) will respond to a range of scenarios that have and are continuing to arise. COVID-19 pandemic is a unique broad scale, long term and extraordinary event which should be recognized as such.


COVID-19 guidance memorandum for users of FIDIC standard forms of works contract

COVID-19 is having material and global impact on the delivery of construction projects across the world. Many of those projects are being delivered under FIDIC standard forms of contract. To assist contract users, FIDIC has issued a guidance memorandum which contains an outline of the provisions in FIDIC’s various general conditions of contract for works which may be relevant with regard to likely scenarios that are arising as a consequence of Covid-19. FIDIC’s main purpose in drafting the guidance memorandum is to help parties to a FIDIC contract to consider mutually satisfactory solutions and avoid disputes arising between them.


COVID-19 guidance memorandum for on-site working and project team organisation

FIDIC COVID-19: On-site working and project team organisation has been developed by members of the FIDIC risk, liability and quality committee and is intended to be a review list that will allow member association member firms to consider as many facets of the current pandemic situation as may apply to their organisation and particularly to their staff.