China National Association of Engineering Consultants

Telephone: +86 10 68 33 26 83
Location: 11/F, East Tower, Sichuan Building
No. 1 Fuwai Street
Foundation year: 1992
Member profile:

China National Association of Engineering Consulting (CNAEC) was founded in 1992 in Beijing. It is the largest Chinese national association representing firms and individuals in China who provide technology-based intellectual consulting services for the built and natural environment. Its membership is trans-regional and trans-sectoral, including qualified and experienced Chinese engineering firms and institutions, consulting engineers, relevant experts and scholars.

CNAEC obtained the membership of FIDIC with full voting rights in 1996, being the only national representative of China’s consulting engineering industry in FIDIC. CNAEC is a strong supporter of FIDIC and active participant of FIDIC activities.

As a non-profitable and non-governmental organization, CNAEC is committed to promote sustainable development of the Chinese engineering consulting industry. It encourages mutual integration of Chinese engineering consulting practices with international practices and implementation of code of ethics and business integrity in accordance with FIDIC relevant principles and policies.

CNAEC is committed to constructive international cooperation with other countries’ engineering consulting associations. It also strives to provide a credible and efficient platform for enhanced international cooperation between the Chinese consulting engineers and foreign counterparts with the objective of seeking solutions to global challenges, both present and in the future, to promote better quality of life and sustainable development of mankind.