Mongolian Road Association

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Telephone: +976 70113288
Location: Sukhbaatar District
1st khoroo Lux center # 402
Foundation year: 2013
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The Mongolian Road Association is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that has been established in 2008, by the Resolution # 07 of the 2nd Road Great Hural.

The Mongolian Road Association works in compliance with the Mongolian Constitutional Law, Law on NGOs, International Decree and Treaties and other consistent Laws and regulations that protect the rights and interests of its members.

The prime purpose of the MRA is to constantly protect the rights of its members, contribute to the development of the road sector, to cooperate in close liaison with the government and non government organizations in developing and implementing the government policies


Upgrade the qualifications of its members by constantly organizing training and re-training
Create favorable condition to support the business activities of its members
Develop policies on issues that contradicts the rights of the members and the road sector, monitor over the implementation of the relevant laws and regulations within the sector
Advertise and support the best member organizations
Liaise with the state and private organizations and NGOs to protect the legal rights and interests of its members
Actively participate in developing the government policies on road development, cooperate to provide the effective implementation
Liaise with relevant International organizations, represent its members and member organizations in different International activities
Manage the consistency of the NGO within the sector