FIDIC has a highly professional staff team, with many years of experience working in the international federation sector, based at its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. The FIDIC offices are located conveniently right next to Geneva Airport at the World Trade Center II

Members of the staff team are listed below.

Eric is a UK Chartered Accountant. As the chief operating officer, he oversees the organisation of events and conferences, finance and HR, membership services and other operational matters of FIDIC. Prior to joining FIDIC, Eric was a senior executive of leading professional bodies looking after their operations and policy and advocacy matters. He also has substantial working experiences in operations and finance as a senior executive with multinational corporations.

Eric Chiang

Chief Operating Officer

[email protected]

Daduna is FIDIC’s head of legal and compliance. She advises on the delivery of corporate governance and compliance requirements for the organisation and its global operations. The role includes the protection of FIDIC’s intellectual property and strategic advice and contribution to drafting development to FIDIC’s contracts. She is a qualified lawyer with significant experience in the global construction consultancy and engineering sector.

Daduna Kokhreidze

General Counsel & Manager for FIDIC Legal and Contract Services

[email protected]

As FIDIC’s director of policy, external affairs and communications, Graham oversees a number of key areas of FIDIC’s work, including, policy, advocacy and lobbying, economic research and thought leadership and communications and media relations. He is an economist with more than ten years’ experience and has skills in market research and policy development and implementation.

Graham Pontin

Director of Policy, External Affairs & Communications

[email protected]

Michael has been general manager of FIDIC Academy since July 2022. He has significant management experience in the international education and training fields, including five years as head of education in the international sports sector.

Michael Broadley

General Manager FIDIC Academy

[email protected]

As FIDIC Credentialing’s (FCL) general manager, Thanos oversees its day-to-day activities, ensuring the smooth functioning of the operational and commercial aspects for the delivery of FIDIC’s certification services offered globally. He is an economist, PMP® certified, holds an MSc in management, technology and quality, and has more than 15 years of experience in the vocational and IT training, assessment and certification industry.

Thanos Totsikas

General Manager FCL

[email protected]

Maria is responsible for FIDIC’s day-to-day accounts and for ensuring that supplier invoices are paid on time. Maria manages all accounts payable and receivable and ensures that the FIDIC finances run smoothly, minimising any issues that may arise. She also oversees FIDIC’s human resources and payroll.

Maria-Blanca Trabazos

Accountant & HR

[email protected]

Beatriz is senior conference and events executive at FIDIC and plays a key role in helping to deliver the organisation's extensive events programme. With almost a decade of experience, she is skilled in delivering successful in-person and online conferences, social events and webinars in different countries, many with 500+ attendees. 

Beatriz Bertomeu

Senior Conference and Events Executive

[email protected]

Oro is FIDIC’s senior membership and stakeholder executive, and is responsible for all membership-related activities and FIDIC's standing committees. Oro also oversees FIDIC’S regional groups, stakeholders, FIDIC partners, governments and international organisations. She has an international background with experience in administration support at NGOs and the UN.

Oro Cohen

Senior Membership and Stakeholder Executive

[email protected]

Lee works as the certification coordinator. She deals with matters relating to credentialing, logistics management and client management. Aside from developing promotional materials and marketing strategies, she engages and manages various administrative matters relating to certification processes and procedures. She has international experience in education management, programme and project coordination, stakeholder engagement, NGOs and operations.

Lee Ann Davis

FCL Certification Coordinator

[email protected]

Basma is a certified ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) analyst and economist specialising in sustainability. As FIDIC's policy analyst her role includes conducting economic research, policy development and contributing to thought leadership programmes. Basma also maintains relationships with global industry bodies and international institutions, engaging in market monitoring, survey development, strategy and data analysis.

Basma Eissa

Policy Analyst Executive

[email protected]

As FIDIC’s business development manager, Ayo assists in optimising commercial relationships with external stakeholders who align with and support FIDIC’s strategic objectives. Ayo joined FIDIC in May 2023 having gained sizeable business intelligence and professional conferences knowledge, building mutually beneficial commercial partnerships for over 15 years and accruing over a decade of experience working on behalf of FIDIC in a prior role.

Ayo Fagbohun

Business Development Manager

[email protected]

As FIDIC’s training manager, Silvia oversees more than 100 training events per year across the globe, offering support to FIDIC members, clients and other stakeholders. With a PhD in computer science, IT consultant and IT project manager experience, she has worked at FIDIC since 2005. She has played a key role in developing FIDIC’s training activity since its inception.

Silvia Fossati

Training Manager

[email protected]

As FIDIC’s senior training and events executive, Chanel is responsible for creating and managing effective learning solutions, platforms and tools that align with FIDIC’s global strategy and training programme. She also contributes to various aspects of FIDIC’s global events delivery.

Chanel Holder

Senior Events, Training and Digital Marketing Executive

[email protected]

Folake is the corporate development manager at FIDIC. She has more than a decade of experience in international diplomacy, communications and advocacy. She has worked for various NGOs on human rights matters and social causes. Folake deals with FIDIC’s credentialing services, business development strategies, operational support and corporate governance-related issues.

Folake Idowu

Corporate Development Manager

[email protected]

Emily works as certification coordinator for FIDIC Credentialing Limited. Her role involves candidate administration, examination delivery, committee management and marketing support. She has five years international experience in examination and office management roles.

Emily Jones

FCL Certification Coordinator

[email protected]

Wendy Lasebikan is legal and compliance advisor at FIDIC and head of HR/general manager of FIDIC’s UK subsidiary. As a legal and HR professional with extensive experience of supporting senior management to build high performing teams and business resilience through their people, Wendy takes a proactive approach to ensuring companies have procedures and policies in place to enable them to meet their legal and compliance requirements. 

Wendy Lasebikan

Advisor - Legal & Compliance

[email protected]

Ieva Liaugaude, international client manager at FIDIC, has more than a decade of experience working with global stakeholders. She assists FIDIC clients internationally with their licensing and publications enquiries and also works closely with the FIDIC contracts committee in the contract development process, assists member associations with contract translation inquiries and liaises with the multilateral development banks on their licensing requirements.

Ieva Liaugaude

International Client Manager

[email protected]

Moyosore is a legal and business professional with specialisation in contracts, negotiations, privacy and data governance. As contracts executive, Moyosore provides support to the contracts team on contracts services delivery, legal and compliance activities.

Moyosore Saka

Contracts Assistant

[email protected]

Office manager and administrative assistant, Ulrike, has been working at FIDIC since April 2018. Her more than 20-year experience covers working in the private sector for leading international companies, international organisations, embassies and NGOs. She has been based in Europe, Africa and south east Asia and has gained first-hand experience within multicultural environments.

Ulrike Schiefer

Office Manager

[email protected]

Christophe is in charge of graphic production at FIDIC. He provides graphics and images for different publications, for the FIDIC website and the branding on FIDIC's events. He also deals with the layout of the various FIDIC contracts and agreements produced and oversees the electronic and hardcopies of the FIDIC library.

Christophe Sisto

Design and Edition Manager

[email protected]

Estelle is FIDIC’s accounting assistant. You can contact her to check on payments, for information on banking data, to assist with any problems paying a FIDIC invoice, to find out about the balance to pay in a FIDIC account or to chase up on invoices to be paid. Estelle can also be contacted on all matters related to FIDIC invoicing, including modifying contact and address details.

Estelle Trabazos

Accountant Assistant

[email protected]

As FIDIC Academy’s coordinator, Chrystal provides support for the education, training, registration and general information for participants by managing the FIDIC Academy’s email inbox. She also updates the front-end and back office of FIDIC Academy’s eLearning platform and provides event delivery support. Chrystal also coordinates and issues FIDIC certificates for online and in-house courses for participants.

Chrystal Udenweze

Academy Coordinator

[email protected]

Nadia is FIDIC's digital marketing manager. Her expertise encompasses digital communications, marketing and corporate sustainability. In her role, she's tasked with implementing and overseeing FIDIC's digital marketing strategy, along with managing the operational aspects of the organisation's digital marketing platforms, corporate websites, promotion and social media presence.

Nadia Van Der Waltova

Digital Marketing Manager

[email protected]