Member Benefits

Since 1913, the Fédération Internationale des Ingénieurs-Conseils or more commonly, the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) and its members have played a crucial role in supporting, guiding and helping to advance the engineering, construction and infrastructure sector and drive change to improve the sustainability, wellbeing and economic prospects of society.

FIDIC facilitates the sharing of knowledge, ideas and innovation to tackle the global challenges we face. As a result, FIDIC’s reach goes beyond that of just the countries where its member associations (MAs) are located, establishing it as the global voice of the consulting engineering industry around the world.


When organisations join FIDIC they become part of a global network of member associations, consulting and engineering practices and other industry stakeholders that engage and work together to bring about real change. FIDIC’s suite of international standard forms of contracts provides its members with several benefits including:

• Advocacy and stakeholder engagement
• Policy development and influence
• Industry knowledge and insight
• Your journey to a sustainable future
• Standard contracts and legal services
• FIDIC Academy
• FIDIC events and awards
• Ongoing support to members
• Discounted products and services
• Technical and working committees
• FIDIC Credentialing

FIDIC’s international partnerships ensure the implementation of engineering-designed global standards to support the financing and delivery of infrastructure projects worldwide. FIDIC and its members are widely acknowledged as trusted advisers to decision-makers involved in planning and constructing global sustainable infrastructure for future generations.

FIDIC serves as a distinctive platform with broad global influence, offering valuable support to its member associations through networking, events, training, credentialing, thought leadership, advocacy, contract expertise, guides, webinars, technology and numerous other resources.